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Jun13 6/13/2017 7:32:00 AM by Alangston
Press Release
June 13, 2017 For Immediate Release
Contact Randell Woodruff, 910-259-1200

Pender County joins local, state, and federal authorities regarding water quality in the Cape Fear River.

BURGAW – The Pender County board of commissioners are working with the EPA, state, and local officials to monitor the possible impacts of GenX found in the Cape Fear River.

“Pender County Utilities takes seriously its commitment to providing safe, quality drinking water to its citizens and customers,” said George Brown, chairman of the board of commissioners.”

“In light of recent reports of GenX found in the Cape Fear River, we are working with the EPA and others to learn more about the chemical allegedly released into the water system by the Chemours Co. at Fayetteville Works.”

According to reports, GenX, a man-made compound produced 100 miles upstream on the Cape Fear River, was detected in a recent study by Cape Fear Public Utility Authority. Chemours Co., a spinoff of DuPont, has a facility at the Fayetteville Works industrial complex. The compound is used in a range of consumer products including Teflon.

“Pender County Utilities water meets or exceeds all federal and state drinking water standards,” said Michael Mack, director of Pender County Utilities.

There are no U.S. regulatory guideline levels for GenX. However, based upon recent studies, the GenX levels detected in 2013-2014 would be expected to pose a low risk to human health.

“We are working diligently with the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ),” said Brown. “That said, we’re concerned about what we don’t know about GenX and the impact – if any - it has in our drinking water.”

Pender County, as well as Brunswick County Public Utilities and the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority draw portions of their raw water supply from the Cape Fear River.

“The EPA has a process to evaluate new chemicals to determine their potential impact at different levels and to set quality and safety standards,” said Brown. “At this time, data is not readily available on whether or not this is a chemical of concern. The EPA is in a better position to make these evaluations and we are actively seeking additional information from DEQ.”

Jun12 6/12/2017 8:17:00 AM by Alangston
The NC Wildlife Conservative Group will be doing a controlled burn on Holly Shelter. This will cover an area of approximately 1000 acres. Various agencies will be involved and on the scene. If you have questions or concerns, please contact this office at 910-259-1210.
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