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Emergency Management

Emergency Management 
The Emergency Management office is responsible for Emergency Management Activities and Fire Marshal Services. The Emergency Management Director functions as the Emergency Management Coordinator, per NCGS 166A-7, and is directed to prepare for, respond to, mitigate, and recover from both technological and natural disasters in order to save lives and property. The Director also serves as a liaison in issues between the various emergency organizations and the county.
Emergency Management activities are divided into 4 phases. All four phases are focused on the goal of protecting life and safety and minimizing property damages and losses.

  • Preparedness and Planning: The identification of the hazards that could impact the county in part or in whole, and determining how emergency service agencies will respond to minimize the occurrence of that hazard. This step also involves education of the general public as to how to prepare themselves for the events surrounding an occurrence.
  • Response: After an event occurs, emergency services agencies including fire, rescue, EMS, and Law Enforcement respond with the goal of assisting the injured and preventing further injuries. The second priority is protection and preservation of property. Though training, education, and drills responders learn the safest and quickest way to respond to a variety of incidents and how to protect themselves from injury during that response.
  • Recovery: Recovery is essentially getting back to normal. It includes rebuilding and repairing, but in some cases relocation. Recovery can be a long-term process depending on the incident.
  • Mitigation: Using legislation and construction codes, building practices are changed that will prevent future damages from storms. Occasionally this may occur through relocation of residents to areas that are not susceptible to the effects of storms. Many times grants are provided to assist citizens in relocation.
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